Less Is More

I’ve been going through a ‘chuck it out phase’ and this quote, as a writer, fits the bill. It’s a little like cutting out those words that are just not needed. If it stays still long enough, I’m heading for the bin. It’s helping to clear much more than physical space; it’s clearing head space also. I don’t know about you, but I tend to hang onto things squirreling them away, for a ‘just in case’ kind of moment. Those moments rarely come along and I’m tired of drawers full of crap and a garage bulging at the seams with things we will never use. Simon is far worse than me. His man drawers number three and spill over into the space where he keeps his tools. Do all men have these kind of spaces? You know full of… stuff which may come in handy, some day? Can’t say I recall one of those days if I’m honest. 

I’m reading the journal by Dawn French. It’s like a normal diary with entries for recording what you like but it’s also littered with short anecdotes, stories about her life and what’s important and questions for you to answer. This month, there were two pages of questions, one of which was ‘Who’s wardrobe do you wish you had?‘ or something of that nature. My immediate answer was no-ones;  I have enough crap of my own. 😊

Some of my clothes are years old and literally hanging on by a thread. Or cheap and nasty. So this morning I’ve spent some time chucking things out without overthinking the reasons why I can’t. And I still have plenty to wear.

It feels good to have space freed up. It’s very cathartic and I can’t say I’ve missed one thing or wished I hadn’t thrown something away. Only on Saturday when our electric toothbrush gave up the ghost and I’d just chucked out three normal brushes only days before… Simon had told me to keep them, for cleaning in those difficult small places. Bah…

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