True Colours

Colour is a part of our everyday life and I couldn’t imagine a life without seeing the different hues which provoke¬†all kinds of emotions. In one of my projects I’ve actually assigned a colour to each character and am building their personalities around that colour. It’s quite powerful and the definitions between the characters are very clear – which is important as there are seven of them. More on them in a later post, got to keep you interested!

I went for a colour consultation many years ago, it was a gift from a charity auction, or I doubt I’d have ever gone otherwise. The session entailed a detailed assessment of my natural complexion and identifying the palette that enhanced my skin tones. It felt very indulgent at the time and I’d always wore what I considered to be ‘safe’ colours. My job as a nurse and later as a manager demanded a uniform of sorts so I never really had to worry about what to wear to work.

The session encouraged me to wear colours I would never have tried. Strong shades rather than the pastels I’d favoured, which the consultant demonstrated made me look washed out.

Orange became my favourite colour, vibrant, warm and passionate as well as lime green and cool cream. Clothes with these colours now jump out at me and I’m attracted to them like a magnet. Colour affects my energy, and I know that if I’m wearing something that clashes with my skin tone, it slows me down. Though that doesn’t happen any more, if you read my previous post, I’ve just had a big clear out!

So, what’s your favourite colour and why?

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