Favourite Movie

I have to start the beginning of what will become a monthly post with the movie I’ve probably watched more times than any other… Continue reading

On My Reading Table

As we’re off in the camper van today for a couple of weeks, I’ve been looking at my

to-be-read list which is as long as my arm! Do you have a list like that? I’m a collector of books to be read; as soon as I see something that ignites my interest, it’s on the list… but I’ve decided not to add any more until I get through some of the back log. I’m concentrating on reading fantasy at the moment as I’m rewriting my first fantasy based novel, so here are the ones I hope to be reading in the next few days. We’re off to the heel of Italy, following the sun!  The Gargano Penninsula is our first stop…

  • The Rose Mark: Black Rose Sorceress by Connie Suttle
  • Eye of Truth (Agents of the Crown 1) by Lyndsay Buroker
  • Map of Shadows by J.F Penn
  • DIYMFA by Gabriella Pereira – this is a non-fiction book on writing which I’m slowly working my way through.

Let me know what you are reading, and why!

Favourite Season

The seasons affect my writing in different ways, mainly to do with my mood and activity levels. Needless to say, writing is most difficult in Continue reading

Image of the Month

Every month I shall be posting a favourite or inspiring image. Some months I may have written something in response to this image, other times I may have not and you may want to respond… this month’s image did produce a reaction and Continue reading

My Most Embarrassing Moment

You must have had at least one? Embarrassing moment? I’ve had many but the one that really sticks in my mind is when I was Continue reading

On This Day

Today is the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers. It brings back memories for me because Continue reading

Favourite Inspirational Quotes

Quotes are like footprints in the sand… you can choose to follow the path they take or allow them to be washed away and replaced anew. Here is a favourite – please let me know yours!


When I came across this particular quote, it pulled me up short.

“I can shake off everything as I write, my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” – Anne Frank

The words for one so young, struck me as very mature and even sage. It made me realise the value of our liberty, of our freedom. As writers we should never take that for granted.


On My To Do List

I’ve been AWOL during August. No big shakes – ha! just realised the significance of that statement… Other stuff happens; and Continue reading

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