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Every month I shall be posting a favourite or inspiring image. Some months I may have written something in response to this image, other times I may have not and you may want to respond… this month’s image did produce a reaction and

these are the first few lines. This is not a polished piece of work by any means. We term it a Monday Muse at my writing group, Writers Abroad. It’s a weekly activity where written and/or image prompts are posted to inspire us to write something. It could be a character sketch, a poem, a short story in the making or a scene. The rules are very wide and interpretive. The main idea is to get something down on paper (or on the screen).

A severed finger lay beneath the message scratched into the frost on the windscreen. Sunna dropped to her knees, as silent as a cat and held her breath, listening. She squinted through the early morning tendrils of light muted by the dark bruise coloured clouds which threatened more snow. Sunna scanned the ground around her. No signs of tyre tracks but the faint outline of a shoe, or a trainer maybe. She traced the outline. Size 8 she decided. A small man then.

I’d love to hear what kind of response this image provoke for your writing muse.

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