Favourite Movie

I have to start the beginning of what will become a monthly post with the movie I’ve probably watched more times than any other…

… and that has to be Mama Mia. It’s my granddaughters favourite and everytime she comes to stay with us here in Italy it’s a must watch. I never tire of it and we sit there, with a box of popcorn or other goodies and sing our hearts out. She has a much better singing voice than I do, in fact, Simon usually dons his ear muffs. When I was over in the UK in the summer we went to watch the new Mama Mia and we loved that as well.

I grew up with the sounds of Abba so it’s all very familiar and my two sisters dressed up on Millenium Eve in 2000 and peformed for the guests at the party our family was attending. They also have better voices than me. 😂

I just love the whole cast of it, no matter that they may not sing as well as Abba, that’s not the point. It has fuelled a desire to go to the Greek Islands and a need to go and watch it on the stage. Then I shall feel complete!

What movie does it for you and why?

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