Who I Am

As part of the New Year, I’m planning to create a few more regular habits, one of them is posting daily on this blog. I’ve signed up, figuratively speaking, to the Boho Berry Journal Challenge which you can find on Instagram and Twitter – so here goes


Who I Am…

First and foremost I am a daughter now orphan, sister, mother, wife, and soulmate. I am a nurse, a manager a business owner and a Mrs Mop. I am an expat, an immigrant and I am an eternal student of life. I am a writer and an author and a frustrated artist. I am a friend to the very few, a Pisces and a serial introvert. I am a converted Motorhomer with a sudden and unexpected lust for travel. I am a dedicated companion of dogs and cats and a useless gardener. I am a collector of pens and journals and a destroyer of laptops and phones. I am a trier, a can-doer, and, at times a melancholic.  I am a recovering control freak, I am not a perfectionist. I am a meat eater, a wine lover and a walker.  And I am an atheist, apolitical and a European to my very core.

In the words of the song, ‘This is Me,’

Who Are You?

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