I’ve always reset my internal compass at the beginning of the year. Made big plans, created tons of resolutions and set goals. Some come true, others sparkle, fizzle and die and others never make it from the starting block…

I still believe that setting goals of some kind is a good thing to do. As long as you don’t wear them like a mill stone around your neck and allow yourself to go with the flow. After all, life has a habit of changing course when you least expect it to. And so I’m going to try and develop more of a habit based approach to my life in 2019. Start doing more of what floats my boat and stop doing the things that take me down.

So, and this is a beginning, not an end. I also believe in regularly taking stock (not that this applies to my food stocks, ahem) but from past experience it’s better to stop something that isn’t working rather than stress yourself out because you made a ‘resolution!’ And in my mind they don’t have to be mega exciting or world changing… sometimes achieving the small stuff is good.

Things I’m going to start doing:

  • Twice daily hand and heel care – yup I’m rubbish at looking after myself
  • Daily keyboard practice – might have to supply Simon with some ear plugs but he bought me one for Christmas!
  • Monthly postcards to my granddaughter – I’ve been sending regular letters for years but her generation like short and sweet
  • Spend some time drawing, doodling and generally making a mess on paper
  • Continue with my morning pages – pure drivel but it resets my brain at the start of the day
  • Putting my writing first before any other obligations, no matter how loud they shout!
  • Ignore, or at least park, the things I can’t change – and there are so many things!
  • Celebrate and record one achievement everyday, not matter how big or small – too often I concentrate on what I didn’t get done

It will be interesting to see how I fair in three months time, if nothing else I hope to have lovely hands and feet!




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