Letting Go Of



Letting go can be very carthartic but the most difficult thing to do. It comes with time. I’ve let go of many things since moving over to Italy in 2007. Now my life is entering another phase and I’m able to experience it in a way I’ve not done for over 11 years. So here are four things I’m letting go of…

  1. I’m (well, we’re) letting go of the vegetable garden. The lust to travel (in Europe, in the van) means that we have to change things here. Home is not a place… it’s a feeling.
  2. I’m letting go of negativity and things that make my blood boil. Simon is instructed to shout out ‘Zen!’ whenever the moment strikes. It’s happened quite a lot since I asked him to do it and it makes me laugh, which is not a bad thing.
  3. I’m letting go of the desire to control and manage – only the areas of my life which I can. Really *through gritted teeth* I am!
  4. I’m letting go of ‘stuff’ – going to have a monthly declutter, both in reality and mentally.

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