Spring Road Trip To Gibraltar

Well, we left on the 23rd April for our first ‘pleasure’ trip in Bobbus since his arrival here in December. Fourteen days and 3,400 miles later we reluctantly arrived home.

We had crossed through four countries; Italy, France, Spain and UK(as in Gibraltar!), stayed on 8 campsites and two carparks and all  accompanied by Naughty Nell and POOTiE the cat. They had a fabulous time and easily settled into motorhome life, thank goodness! We hadn’t had the opportunity to try them out for a couple of nights but it all worked really well. POOTiE didn’t mind being on his lead, as long as Nell was about he was most happy and I actually believe he thinks he’s a feline kind of dog, if that makes sense.

I loved driving the ‘bus’ and it was all made more poignant when we passed by a place in Spain that my parents took us as children which coincided with the first anniversary of Dad’s death. So a few tears were shed but more so happy memories shared with my four siblings over WhatsApp when we had an internet connection. Just cannot wait for the next trip… roll on September!

It’s Veggie Time!

This week, I’ve been thinking about, and working in, our veggie plot. It’s a great place not only to cultivate lovely things to eat but also developing characters and plot lines. My brain seems to react positively to the physical exertion and starts to germinate all kinds of ideas!  I’ve also subscribed to an online vegetable planner, as I’m rubbish at the whole planning thing and want to make better use of our plot all year round. We also have two new young chickens, Thelma and Louise who are being bullied by the old gals; Morticia and Cruella. The term ‘hen pecked’ is a reality!

Oh and Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Spring is Springin’

Evidence that Spring is a’coming… and not soon enough. This quote by Charles Dickens seems to sum it all up,

‘It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade.”