Star Gazing

Yesterday, it was my birthday, 55 years young and don’t feel ‘old’ as this age bracket seems to be described as… what’s that all about? I’ve never put much store by numbers I prefer to think Continue reading

By Any Other Name – Writing Personas

There are many writers who have written under a pseudonym for a variety of reasons. In what other job could you create an identity behind which you exist, without getting into trouble? For me, the choice to  Continue reading

My Top 5 Favourite TV Shows

It’s that time of year when the evenings are long and cold and there is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with a good book or… Continue reading

How Did I Do?

Health check time. It’s almost the end of January, and I promised that I would do a monthly review on progress. I made a number of plans at the beginning of the year -I won’t say ‘resolutions’ because Continue reading

Gardening Leave

Some days I have to down my pen and take my characters out with me into the garden. We have a fairly large plot of land. Almost two acres and coming from one the size of a postage stamp in the UK it was a bit of a shock. Still is, ten years on! Come on in, I’ll take you on a small tour… Continue reading

Still Here…honest

A quick update…It’s been a couple of weeks since I was immersed in NaNo, which turned into something totally different to what I’d planned! But more on that later. I wrote my 50k words by hand which has aggravated an old elbow injury, so been resting it, kind of.

This picture reminds me of our old Bertie, who looks just like this when he’s resting!


June Memories in Pictures

I spent a large part of June last year over in the UK at a very sad time, so it was wonderful to spend this special time back at home. It’s been hot, and it’s still hot so the garden is proving a bit of a challenge. Still can’t complain, life is for living!  

Creative Writing Space(s)

They say, that creating a ‘space’ to write is important for an author. Whilst I couldn’t agree more, the chance would be a fine thing in our tiny (but oh so cozy) casa…  Continue reading

Spring Road Trip To Gibraltar

Well, we left on the 23rd April for our first ‘pleasure’ trip in Bobbus since his arrival here in December. Fourteen days and 3,400 miles later we reluctantly arrived home. We had crossed through four countries; Italy, France, Spain and UK(as in Gibraltar!), stayed on 8 campsites and two carparks and all  accompanied by Naughty … Continue reading

Feeling: Accomplished

 Feeling: Accomplished.

Apart from shovelling mountains of snow and building temporary fencing to keep the dogs secure, my current Work in Progress – All Will Be Well – has now been professionally edited and proofed. Now onto finalising the book cover and blurb. My plans for January may have been a little frozen but the big melt has begun.

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