Always Remember

This is ‘Pops’, my grandfather Harry. He taught me to swim (though never taught my dad…). He fought in the Coldstream Guards in the First World War, aged just 18. When my Uncle died only a few years ago, did we find out Pops had been awarded a medal for bravery. He just never spoke about it. A hero in so many, many ways.

On My To Do List

I’ve been AWOL during August. No big shakes – ha! just realised the significance of that statement… Other stuff happens; and Continue reading

Charity Begins At Home

When my granddaughter was born over thirteen years ago, I wanted to celebrate her birth differently. I wanted Continue reading

Working Holiday

As I write this I’m humming, Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard. Of course you are right, I’m far too Continue reading

On My List of Things To Do…

I have a lot to do in April. I hate to use the word ‘busy’, it drives me mad and it’s used mostly as a poor excuse for not getting things done.  After all we all have Continue reading

Missing Dad

Happy Birthday, Dad. This is the second year I’ll be wishing he was still here to celebrate. Not a lot I can say, other than I miss him every single day.

The weekly catch up via Facetime, most of it spent with his iPad pointing up to the ceiling.

His regular visits here to Italy, watching him walk around the garden in his tartan slippers.

His advice on all kinds of stuff, debates on politics, winding me up to get on my soapbox.

His laughter at his own jokes, usually after he’d forgotten the punch line a number of times.

His never ending belief in me as a person and more so as a writer. He was my greatest fan.

The first man in my life left such an impression, he will never truly be gone.  Always in my heart. ❤💖


A Place to Write

Ernest Hemingway wrote standing up, Marcel Proust stayed in bed, Toni Morrison booked herself into a hotel room and a guy called Dalton Trumbo wrote in the bath. Dame Edith Sitwell, however, comes top of the pops for her writing place Continue reading

One Day In History

If you could witness one moment in history what would it be? There are many things I’d like to see but if I had to choose just one Continue reading

February Check-In

I can’t believe it’s the end of February! It whooshed by in a blur. This month is always a difficult month, not in a bad way but because Continue reading

My Top 5 Favourite TV Shows

It’s that time of year when the evenings are long and cold and there is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with a good book or… Continue reading

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