Distraction Therapy

I’ve been keeping myself busy with other stuff as my writing muse seems to be lying down in a dark room and refuses to come out. But I’m trying to be kind to her, she needs some time out and that’s fine. So pottering about in the garden (Dad would have loved wandering about the roses, they smell divine) and painting the lounge (didn’t take a before picture, shameful!) helped as always by some furry friends. Next week will be decorating the office/dining room and spring cleaning the kitchen…and who knows the muse may well show her face. 😉



My Week: 30 April 2016

imageProductivity: Finished the draft of WA Magazine. Our fourth edition (it’s free, subscribe here). Packed full of poetry, recipes, non-fiction articles, short stories, author interviews, book reviews and so much more. 13600 words and forty four pages, it’s been very popular. And, I’ve printed 17 pages of editing comments from All Will Be Well, some little stuff to check and other’s a bit of a re-write or destined for the bin.
Carbs and Cals: Think I’ve fallen of the wagon a little but Si’s blood sugars are still low so I’m happy with that.
Workout: Daily walks with Naughty Nell and the Giants (aka, Bertie and Freya) and two hours of mowing this afternoon. Very satisfying though the stripes are a bit wonky, anyway it’s hard to do stripes on our ‘parkland’ and who wants stripes? 
Reading: Wool By Hugh Howey, am little distracted to concentrate but will pick it up.
Weather: As weird as that in the UK but not had snow, it was threatened but has been cold and damp. The stufa had to be relit!
Watched: London Has Fallen – bit OTT but very watchable.
Word of the Week: GONZO adjective – what a delicious word, it kind of trips off the lips…
1. (of journalism, reportage, etc.) filled with bizarre or subjective ideas, commentary, or the like.
2. crazy; eccentric.
International Day of the Week: 3rd May will be Paranormal Day

Looking Forward: Back to the UK tomorrow for an indeterminate time. Dad is not well and I need to be there… and when I’m there, I need to be here… :'(