The Promise: Excerpt

Here is a short excerpt from the first chapter of the book… if it moves you to read more, then you can Continue reading

On My Reading Table

Well, it’s not a reading table to be honest. Living where we do means that buying books can present a bit of a problem Continue reading

The Promise: Cover Reveal

Well, I know… it’s hardly a cover reveal when Continue reading

Demons of a Character

There are several ways to approach the art of story telling. There is no right way, as with many things, only the right way  Continue reading

The Promise: Inspiration

I will be releasing my fourth novel, The Promise on 23rd June and in anticipation of this event Continue reading

Character Interview: Eve Lacey

Today, I’m interviewing a character from one of my books, All Will Be Well.  Continue reading

Writers Magazine: Issue 7 – Grab your Free Copy

WA Magazine – The Third Space

My writers group, Writers Abroad, has published its seventh issue of WA Magazine – The Third Space. It’s a free publication because we all believe in access to reading and have a very loyal following of supporters who love to read our writing. We’re a mixed bunch from across the world, all living in a country within which we are aliens (or have lived abroad at sometime). The experience of living in a different country with the cultural and communication challenges that come with the turf can influence our writing on a different level.

In this issue we have focused on flash fiction (following valuable feedback from our readers)  which includes a contribution from a guest writer. But there is something for everyone and it’s the kind of thing you can pick up when you have five minutes… waiting in the doctors or dentists, stuck in a supermarket cue, waiting for the cake to bake or your golf partner to take his shot. You will find poetry, articles about life abroad, recipes, book reviews, author interviews and images from our budding photographers.

We even have a very short and easy quiz which will earn the first correct entry 15 euros of Amazon Gift Vouchers. All answers can be found in the magazine! Whats not to like? 😍

Grab your free digital online here or download your own personal PDF copy. And let me know what you think!

Free Book and New Release

In honour of my new release this week. I’m giving away a free digital copy of my first novel ‘The Duke’s Shadow’  for anyone who signs up to my newsletter (which I only send out to tell you of future publications, so promise not to force feed your inbox.)

I’ve also blogged over at Louise Charles to provide a little insight into the inspiration behind my new publication, ‘All Will Be Well‘, which can be sourced through the following links.

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