Missing Dad

Happy Birthday, Dad. This is the second year I’ll be wishing he was still here to celebrate. Not a lot I can say, other than I miss him every single day.

The weekly catch up via Facetime, most of it spent with his iPad pointing up to the ceiling.

His regular visits here to Italy, watching him walk around the garden in his tartan slippers.

His advice on all kinds of stuff, debates on politics, winding me up to get on my soapbox.

His laughter at his own jokes, usually after he’d forgotten the punch line a number of times.

His never ending belief in me as a person and more so as a writer. He was my greatest fan.

The first man in my life left such an impression, he will never truly be gone.  Always in my heart. ❤💖


Nano and Me

It’s that time again. NaNoWriMo. No, not baby babble, National Novel Writing Month, if you please. This event happens every year, during the month of November. Thousands, literally thousands of writers use the impetus of participating in this event to… well write, of course. And the title is a little misleading, the target word count is 50,000 which some say Continue reading “Nano and Me”

Temperatures Rising

As we approach the last few days of May the temperatures have been rising…time to water the orto; get the dogs walked early and sneak off to the beach for a spot of paddling, though it’s warm enough to swim! My target this week is to have the hand written edits on The Promise completed!

– Feeling: Hot, Hot, Hot: 🌞