Nano and Me

It’s that time again. NaNoWriMo. No, not baby babble, National Novel Writing Month, if you please. This event happens every year, during the month of November. Thousands, literally thousands of writers use the impetus of participating in this event to… well write, of course. And the title is a little misleading, the target word count is 50,000 which some say Continue reading “Nano and Me”

Temperatures Rising

As we approach the last few days of May the temperatures have been rising…time to water the orto; get the dogs walked early and sneak off to the beach for a spot of paddling, though it’s warm enough to swim! My target this week is to have the hand written edits on The Promise completed!

– Feeling: Hot, Hot, Hot: 🌞

Feeling: Chuffed

Feeling Chuffed – 

Got a great review for All Will Be Well and an article accepted for Motor Home Monthly…Yay!

A beautiful story told in a sensitive voice – this novel is set in WWII and is driven by two strong female characters. It charts their individual and combined development through the challenges of war. As the novel progresses they each, in their own way, become admirable women. There is nothing crass or predictable about this one. I wholly recommend it and applaud the author for the way in which the theme is handled.