Top Three Strengths


And my top three strengths? At times I wonder if I’m strong at all, but of course we all are some of the time, otherwise what would be the point. So, I am Trustworthy, Creative and Determined (some might say Obstinate 😋

Top Three Values



My top three values are Benevolence, Freedom and Security, all of which have been tested somewhat over the last couple of years. Loved this, albeit surprising, quote from Elvis, which rings very true don’t you think?




I’ve always reset my internal compass at the beginning of the year. Made big plans, created tons of resolutions and set goals. Some come true, others sparkle, fizzle and die and others never make it from the starting block… Continue reading

Who I Want To Be

This post is easy, read yesterday’s journal! The pressure to be thinner, prettier, brainier, popular…whatever, has long passed me by.

This Is Me! Take it or leave it. 😎

Who I Am

As part of the New Year, I’m planning to create a few more regular habits, one of them is posting daily on this blog. I’ve signed up, figuratively speaking, to the Boho Berry Journal Challenge which you can find on Instagram and Twitter – so here goes


Continue reading

A bright and refreshing Christmas Eve and we managed to get Freya into the car for the first time in ages! So a lovely walk with all three pooches around Lago Fiastra…

Brexit Woes

How did the Brexit chicken cross the road? “I never said there was a road. Or a chicken”.

Always Remember

This is ‘Pops’, my grandfather Harry. He taught me to swim (though never taught my dad…). He fought in the Coldstream Guards in the First World War, aged just 18. When my Uncle died only a few years ago, did we find out Pops had been awarded a medal for bravery. He just never spoke about it. A hero in so many, many ways.

Daily Constitutionals

Our ‘earthquake’ kitty, Pootie is such a star Having being brought up by Nell, our three year old Springer he obviously thinks he’s a dog. Every day, when he’s not sleeping of course, he joins his canine friends on a walk through the woods. He even rolls over for a tummy tickle and partakes in … Continue reading

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