Things I Love

Things, so no people or animals? Perhaps that comes in a later journal prompt but today I’ll concentrate on things…



  • Travelling in Bobbus, our campervan – who has restored my faith in one of my values, Security
  • A hot bath (not had one at home for 11 years since we moved here to Italy)
  • Prosecco, Red Wine, Rum and Black and a G&T – not all at once, obviously!
  • Sunday Roast
  • Crosswords and Killer Soduko
  • Playing a keyboard – reignited following my Christmas present from Simon
  • Walking with the dogs
  • Hearing the sound of waves – just being close to the sea is good
  • A back tickle
  • Ink on virgin white paper
  • Sunflowers and Snowdrops
  • Strictly Come Dancing

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