Always Remember

This is ‘Pops’, my grandfather Harry. He taught me to swim (though never taught my dad…). He fought in the Coldstream Guards in the First World War, aged just 18. When my Uncle died only a few years ago, did we find out Pops had been awarded a medal for bravery. He just never spoke about it. A hero in so many, many ways.

Gaelic Inspiration

We arrived on the Emerald Isle on Monday and are working our way around Continue reading

Missing Dad

Happy Birthday, Dad. This is the second year I’ll be wishing he was still here to celebrate. Not a lot I can say, other than I miss him every single day.

The weekly catch up via Facetime, most of it spent with his iPad pointing up to the ceiling.

His regular visits here to Italy, watching him walk around the garden in his tartan slippers.

His advice on all kinds of stuff, debates on politics, winding me up to get on my soapbox.

His laughter at his own jokes, usually after he’d forgotten the punch line a number of times.

His never ending belief in me as a person and more so as a writer. He was my greatest fan.

The first man in my life left such an impression, he will never truly be gone.  Always in my heart. ❤💖


On My Bookshelf

For the last year I have really found it difficult to read a book from start to end. I can’t determine whether I’m just choosing the wrong books or Continue reading


🤒Feeling: as if I’ve swallowed a bag of swords…even the kitties don’t want to get up. PJ day, like when you were little, cuddled up on the sofa wrapped up in a duvet. Hoping to scribble some words later.

Beach Time

Feeling: 🌞 Like a swim, 36 degrees on our patio last night at 5.30pm so off to the beach! 🏖

Status Update: Finished edits

Feeling: Accomplished, 🤗 Joyful, 😂 and lots more!

The Promise handwritten rewrites are done. Transcribing will be my project for next week, after I’ve tackled our Italian Tax Returns… which will result in a whole different set of feelings (and language, I suspect).

Status Update: Feeling Sunny

 Feeling: Sunny – After a weekend of storms, rain and generally greyness, the colours are pushing through again… off to the coast for a long walk with Nell…and to give Bobbus a bit of an airing.

Status Update: Focused

Feeling: Focused

Which means lots of lists and hopefully ticks! Revision has to be finished this week and a spring cleaning plan. 13 days and counting…

Feeling: Chuffed

Feeling Chuffed – 

Got a great review for All Will Be Well and an article accepted for Motor Home Monthly…Yay!

A beautiful story told in a sensitive voice – this novel is set in WWII and is driven by two strong female characters. It charts their individual and combined development through the challenges of war. As the novel progresses they each, in their own way, become admirable women. There is nothing crass or predictable about this one. I wholly recommend it and applaud the author for the way in which the theme is handled.

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