Crumpet Season

There are not many things I miss from the UK after 9 years living here in Italy. But I do love a hot buttered crumpet when the temperatures fall and the stufa is lit. Even better with a smear of marmite and a soft poached egg for breakfast. So I make my own. These are scrumptious, even though I say so myself,  far better than any bought from a shop. What about you, what do you miss?


Head Hopping Syndrome


Head Hopping Syndrome

Head Hopping Syndrome

No it’s not medical and I think I’m over it now. However, just finished the micro edits on my current WiP and now have loads more ‘rewrites’ to go through. This was the first ‘novel’ I ever drafted(probably some nine years ago) and I was a serial head hopper then. It’s a rule that’s often broken (like so many writing rules) usually by experienced and successful writers. It doesn’t bother me if it’s done well, but I don’t think I have so gotta get it fixed…

By the way, this is my new status update system. Want to record these little snippets of my unexciting life 😉 Get too distracted by Facebook and Twitter and so…

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