A bright and refreshing Christmas Eve and we managed to get Freya into the car for the first time in ages! So a lovely walk with all three pooches around Lago Fiastra…

Daily Constitutionals

Our ‘earthquake’ kitty, Pootie is such a star Having being brought up by Nell, our three year old Springer he obviously thinks he’s a dog. Every day, when he’s not sleeping of course, he joins his canine friends on a walk through the woods. He even rolls over for a tummy tickle and partakes in … Continue reading

Photo Shoot – June

Today I’m sharing just a handful of the photo’s I took whilst we were on our trip. This is when we stayed just outside

Flora and Fauna

We have a new toy to play with whilst we’re on this trip of Ireland (North and South) and I’m hoping

Room with a View

My room with a view. Today my post has nothing to do specifically with writing per se… however, writing is always

Infographics on Writing

This post highlights some infographics on writing, which caught my eye. Not sure what an infographic is? Well, have a look and hopefully it will all become clear…      

Writing Advice

What have other writers said that inspired you to keep going? These are some of my favourites…

Feeding My Muse

  Last week I wrote about where I got my inspiration from… today I’m sharing a few ‘pins’ from My Pinterest board. You’ll learn a lot from

4 Amazing Libraries

There’s not much I miss about living in a country that is not my birthplace. Here in rural Italy things are harder to come by in terms of some things. For example,

June Memories in Pictures

I spent a large part of June last year over in the UK at a very sad time, so it was wonderful to spend this special time back at home. It’s been hot, and it’s still hot so the garden is proving a bit of a challenge. Still can’t complain, life is for living!  

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