On My To Do List

I’ve been AWOL during August. No big shakes – ha! just realised the significance of that statement… Other stuff happens; and Continue reading

Back at The Desk

Well, after almost 5,000 miles, 44 days and four (or is it five?) countries I’m back  Continue reading

February Check-In

I can’t believe it’s the end of February! It whooshed by in a blur. This month is always a difficult month, not in a bad way but because Continue reading

Feeling: Accomplished

 Feeling: Accomplished.

Apart from shovelling mountains of snow and building temporary fencing to keep the dogs secure, my current Work in Progress – All Will Be Well – has now been professionally edited and proofed. Now onto finalising the book cover and blurb. My plans for January may have been a little frozen but the big melt has begun.

Feeling Disgusted

 Trump – really? The world truly has gone mad, but then things can’t get any worse… right?

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