Four Days and Counting

T minus four and counting… sounds like something from a James Bond film but don’t think he’d be driving a camper van,do you? We leave our delightful corner of the world next Tuesday for six weeks on a nostalgic trip for Simon. It’s his 65th year and we decided as a treat we’d go back and revisit his childhood in Ireland where he lived as a child until he was 18 years old.

We’re travelling in our trusty motorhome, called Bobbus (nick named after my lovely dad, sadly missed and without whom we could have never dreamed of travelling like this). He’s had a good old wash and a makeover with some bright stickers. He’s locked and stocked – but not smoking! – and ready to leave for another adventure.

Last year we took Nell, our Springer Spaniel and Pootie, our quake orphaned kitty but this trip they are staying behind with the rest of the clan.  We’re planning on taking a few city trips and a couple of nights in Florence at the end of our trip to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary.  All our furry kids, which include three dogs, six cats and two hens (plus a pesky mole who has taken up residence!) will be looked after by the wonderful David and Diane, who they adore.

I’ll be posting about our travels over the next few weeks so keep your eye out!

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