Poseidon fumed inside with anger. It was that time. Again. Unable to move, he waited whilst the children clambered over his head. They took turns to slide down his enormous arms as their mothers gossiped behind the rope supposed to keep them out. The snotty nosed kids ran to his neighbour to repeat the process, and the ground rumbled with his rage. A scruffy mongrel wandered across, ignoring the calls of his master, and sniffed at the floor. Pausing over his knee, it cocked his leg and marked the spot as his. When a ball, kicked by a group of bored teenage lads, hit his head and then rebounded off Hades they roared with success. The children, oblivious to the worried shouts from their parents, now fully engaged, continued their game as his infuriation grew.

Hades knew what to do. For years they had to endure this invasion of their space. They had agreed. It was time to fight back. After all, it was their creation to destroy. The sky turned black, and the wind howled like an injured wolf. With a final tremor the statues broke free of their stony armour, conjuring the earth to their bidding. The ground fractured, like a giant jaw, and the children screamed as they fell, one by one, into the chasm.

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