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Tuxedo Cat rescued from the earthquake town of Amatrice 2016

I’ve spent so much time submitting flash fiction and short stories to a saturated market that I’ve decided to publish my own stories here. They are a mixture of genres and largely inspired by my morning musing, often to a prompt. Some of them go on to be part of a bigger piece of work. Some will never go anywhere.

Under my pseudonym of Louise Charles I’ve written and self published historical fiction. My pen name came about from my second name and my husband, Simon’s second name. He is so central to my life and writing that it seemed most appropriate. I’m now following my passion and writing fantasy (think magical realism) – which could include some historical insolences – under my real name of JoAnna Lamb.

I have lived in rural Le Marche, Italy since 2007, where we operate on a very simple basis. Growing our own vegetables, cat mom to abandoned kittens and lover of dogs with whom we share our very tiny casa with. The chickens prefer to be outside and provide us daily with eggs and we try our best to keep the fox from their door. We do not have a swimming pool, nor a second home and we’ve lived through the earthquakes of 2016/17, Brexit and now Covid-19. I love my adopted home, but never more have I been so tested, financially, emotionally and physically.

Yet, I would not change a thing.

“The best things in life aren’t things.”

You are welcome to read my stories for free, I ask of nothing in return. You may however want to sign up for my very irregular newsletter, advising you of new releases and giveaways.









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