Brexit Woes

How did the Brexit chicken cross the road? “I never said there was a road. Or a chicken”.

Farewell Bertie

I make no apologies for re-posting this blog from last week. Only three days later, we lost our beloved Bertie Continue reading

Four Days and Counting

T minus four and counting… sounds like something from a James Bond film but don’t think he’d be driving a camper van, Continue reading

Room with a View

My room with a view. Today my post has nothing to do specifically with writing per se… however, writing is always

Gardening Leave

Some days I have to down my pen and take my characters out with me into the garden. We have a fairly large plot of land. Almost two acres and coming from one the size of a postage stamp in the UK it was a bit of a shock. Still is, ten years on! Come on in, I’ll take you on a small tour… Continue reading

My Top Three Favourite Meals

I’ve never dieted in my life. I remember my mum experimenting with all kinds of diets and fads. She believed everything she Continue reading

4 Amazing Libraries

There’s not much I miss about living in a country that is not my birthplace. Here in rural Italy things are harder to come by in terms of some things. For example,

Still Snowbound

The snow is taking some time to shift… and will be around for sometime I think. A lot has melted compared to the pictures in this previous post and of course we’re able to get round and about, but impossible to get in the garden to sort the damage out. So we’re doing an online

Snow, Snow and More Snow

It’s been a while since we had as much snow as this and still falling… we’ve given up on digging out and shaking the olive trees as it’s now thigh height. Feeling sorry for those with damaged houses from the quake last year, this can’t be helping. Have had to give Nell a hair trim … Continue reading

The Christmas Witch

Yes, that’s right. Christmas isn’t over yet. Not in Italy. Today is Epiphany and last night thousands and thousands of Italian children will have been waiting for Befana, the Christmas Witch. I do hope that she paid special attention to  Continue reading

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