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Dear Diary

Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

8th March 2000 (Age 9)

It’s my 9th birthday today and Nanny gave me this diary, I was hoping for a pair of roller skates but

Seasonal Seduction

Boreas Winter wakes just before daybreak every morning with a five-minute stretch, followed by his ablutions. Within fifteen minutes of waking

Tough Love

Melanie cowered in the corner as her mother raged through the dingy flat. Every cupboard tipped out, their contents thrown at any target. Tins of Spaghetti Hoops rolled around the floor, their journey slowed by


Image by Michael Seibt from Pixabay


Arabella watched her mother and father go through the annual ritual of dressing the bookstore window. For thirty years

A Love Sacrificed

“Leave. Now. Before we wake up in the morning and regret what we’ve done.”

Susan’s words bounced around her head,

Behind Closed Doors

The door shuts, and the footsteps die. I take a few moments to calm my beating heart. My hands, tied behind my back,

Striking Back

Poseidon fumed inside with anger. It was that time. Again. Unable to move, he waited whilst

Dial B for Murder

Roberta sucked in the air and looked around the stark, square room. Her gaze lingered on a mirror, and she stared hard, lifting her chin. Her thighs stuck to the plastic chair,

A Life Sentence

They took her away on a bright morning, silent like the enemy

Fly Free

Swallow hugged her knees to her chest trying to fill the hollow space. She had decided. It was for the best, before it was too late. The soft lapping of the waves soothed the nagging ache in her heart.

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